Friday, 21 June 2013

Low Tide02:51 (0.60m)
High Tide09:24 (2.40m)
Low Tide15:18 (0.80m)
High Tide21:33 (2.40m)
Sea temperature: 14.8
Sea conditions: calm
Weather: grey, wet, un-solstice-like
Joined by: Back down to DK and The Pirate and The Poet (due to inclement weather and social engagements)
Topics of conversation:
The Solstice - I'd been on the beach early to do my sun salutations and not a soul was around. This was probably because it was raining, grey and miserable, with no sign of the sun but the yogi and I had arranged to be there in spirit for each other as we completed the sequence on either side of the river. She had a busy morning as she then hotfooted it up to the local radio station Blythe Valley to do her slot. This involves guiding the audience through a yoga asana live, she has a perfect voice for radio and if I wasn't in the sea at that time it would be a great way to start the day. This morning she also played out Beth's CD and I just managed to get home in time to hear it. Hopefully she'll be live next time, but she's been poorly as a result of a nasty reaction to antibiotics, which put her in hospital so it was a real boost for her to be on the radio. This was the first track played out. Thanks Yogi.
Punchdrunk Theatre - Sara and The Poet had been to see the performance of The Borough, based on Peter Grimes, last night and he regaled us with part of the storyline, it sounds amazing - immersive theatre at its best.
Stand curious in a dream and hear those voices that will not be drowned…

Punchdrunk’s The Borough is a liminal beast. It lies somewhere between George Crabbe’s poem The Borough and Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes and is formed on the threshold of the imagined and the real, existing at the interstice of the fictional and the everyday world of Aldeburgh. Aldeburgh is the original inspiration and setting for Crabbe’s The Borough and Britten’s Peter Grimes and it is Aldeburgh that will serve to ignite the imaginative curiosity of each individual visitor to this experience.
(There may still be tickets for tonight, going to check now...)
Hands - The Pirate has been noticing the difference in temperatures between our hands as we come out of the water and has decided that mine are much warmer than his. I've always felt that my circulation was particularly bad and certain it was my fingers that suffered minor cold injuries on my first Arctic trip when is was -42 and the dogs needed feeding (hard to do with thick mittens on) but I have noticed that they have been better recently - maybe this is due to the swimming routine, who knows? The Pirate certainly had much colder hands this morning and, despite the warmer water, had white patches on his palms as we left the beach. It's something to keep an eye on.
Maths and music - DK and I are hoping to help his son through a maths exam shortly and we discussed the link between the two kinds of magic. It's my opinion that no person who is naturally musical can be 'bad at maths', it's just about seeing it from the right angle (and perhaps being taught from the right angle too). Working with The Inventor on his musical interval project certainly proved this point, having had no musical education I came to it from the other direction, and my interest in maths was what made it accessible. The Pirate claims he is struggling with his harp tuition and has now decided that this is down to his lack of interest in maths - I shouldn't have opened that can of worms...
The Vicar's Wife's beach hut needs work - it's sinking - and she has very kindly allowed us to use it for the last 18 months, so we all agreed to make a contribution to any work needed. Even though we now have our little one, there are so many swimmers now that we take up both on a cold, wet day.

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