Friday, 7 June 2013

Low Tide04:19 (0.70m)
High Tide10:50 (2.40m)
Low Tide16:46 (0.70m)
High Tide23:05 (2.30m)
Sea Temperature: 13.5 - hurrah
Sea conditions: Very, very powerful drag, waves.
Weather: sunny, windy, chilly
Joined by: Sara and The Poet had to swim earlier as The Poet has given up on pee collecting and they are taking Jess to the vet. The Artist and The L.E. 
Topics of conversation:
The water was wild and as we watched Sara and The Poet were dragged south so we should have been prepared, but it was inconsistent. Strangely as we got in it seemed to be swimmable but as The Pirate and I drifted we were very suddenly in a trough with such a strong current that it made us check ourselves. At this point The Artist joined us and realised that it wasn't really the best conditions for someone who is as light as a feather to swim in. The Pirate was concerned enough to need a hand and so we played a new game: I held tight to his strongest arm and he floated, kicking hard against the current whilst I tried to walk in the same direction, pulling him as hard as I could, a great game and work out for the biceps and thighs! We made little progress though and decided to call it a day when we didn't even get parallel with our clothes on the beach. The L.E. did look a little concerned that we were battling it and waded over with difficulty, offering to "hold on to The Pirate's other bits", cue alarmed face from The Pirate. Meanwhile DK got in about 200 metres north of us and got out 300 meters south 3 minutes later, he goes with the flow.
Norwich School of Art degree show - I'd sneaked in yesterday as the moderators were going round and had a quick preview. The work was not all up but it was interesting to have a chance to read the supporting material, which is removed for the public days. There was one really striking piece, which I had a chance to discuss with the artist, who seemed genuinely surprised that anyone was interested in her work. We discussed the last year's work (which had been much more engaging overall IMHO) and I'd seen at least 3 pieces I'd have given house room, had I a house large enough to take them. The Pirate agreed that it's always a problem when you go to shows and want to take things home with you - he's run out of wall. The LE had read about some Lowry Nudes, that are coming up for auction, none of us knew he'd done nudes so it was interesting to see this image online. Strange proportions but it's that archetypal pose again.

Lowry nude
Beth's GCSE studies
The Pirate, The LE and I walked back together and talked cars all the way home, this is of note because normally when cars are mentioned The Pirate looks away and says "oh, dear, Man Talk" but as we were discussing old British cars he was suddenly engaged (The Pirate's Wife is right, he's from another age). The LE and I compared uncomfortable, bone shaking, wooden chassis car we have known as well as Triumphs. She'd had one called Ark, as in 'ark the 'erald angels sign and I'd fixed one with a hair pin whilst dressed in a ball gown.
We made tentative plans to have bacon butties in the hut tomorrow if it's fine, hopefully the dinosaur, that had been created in the space in front of the hut by small people, will have wandered off with the wind by then.

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