Wednesday, 10 July 2013

High Tide00:43 (2.30m)
Low Tide06:11 (0.80m)
High Tide12:39 (2.60m)
Low Tide18:55 (0.60m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: good
Weather: well odd
Joined by: The Usual Suspects
Topics of conversation:
As I arrived at the beach most of the others approached, but Sara was sitting staring out to sea. She's left early to bask in the sun, I'd left in shorts and a thin shirt to enjoy the warmth and yet by the time we all came together there was a total change in conditions. From the north came a dark grey sky, so quick that it was as if in time lapse with a sudden wind that brought a chill as we all went down to the shore. 
The other short conversation which The Pirate and I engaged in as we went down to the shore went along the lines of "Are these trunks still decent...?" "Only just." His son had told him that since he has lost weight he needed to get some new trunks so he was checking and I had to be honest, they could fall off at any minute and the last vestiges of elasticity are disappearing daily. He needs some new ones, but I suspect it will take as long for this to happen as it did from the moment he started mentioning needing new sandals till the day they actually fell apart, causing him to fall over.
Sara's hard work has paid off - she's had her nose in a book or a computer and her brain focused on her course work for the past few months and it has all paid off - she has been awarded a prize by her college so it has been worthwhile on more than one level, congratulations were deserved.
Hamstrings - one of the LOTVs has torn hers playing tennis. She runs, dances and plays tennis regularly and is now laid up. I sympathise (see previous entry: April 2012). DK was keen to help her as she is naturally miserable about it, so I've recommended Mark Nussey, Sport Injury Therapist who helped me enormously. He's had an injury of his own hamstring to deal with in his training for the Marathon De Sables, so is very up to date. He's also struggling with runner's toenails and is off to the chiropodist today - thinking of you matey...

See his blog here:
By the time I got home I was chilled to the bone and there was a fret so thick that we could only just see the water tower of the river. As is often the case we suspected that there would be sun inland.

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