Sunday, 28 July 2013

High Tide03:13 (2.30m)
Low Tide08:51 (0.80m)
High Tide15:11 (2.60m)
Low Tide21:37 (0.60m)
Sea temperature: not taken (see below)
Sea conditions: really rough 
Weather: windy, fluffy clouds scudding across the sky
Joined by: DK, The LE, Mertz
Topics of conversation:
The storm - we had a massive electrical storm in the village last night, causing a power cut. DK and Mabel had joined us with The Yogi and Maisie for supper and we'd managed to cook and eat outside before it broke. This was a close run thing due to a 'timing issue', the same timing issue we always have when Mertz and I try to cook together, especially when a barbecue is involved. The Yogi and I had Legs's famous planked salmon, the idea is to get the charcoal hot enough to allow the soaked cedar wood to cook the salmon but not burn. The burning wasn't an issue as the coals weren't even hot enough to singe the splinters, the language was scorching though - apologies DK and Yogi. Once we were up to temperature the fish was done to a turn and the steaks took no more then 2 minutes. 
Planked salmon - recipe below
Candlelit evening

We ate in the final few moments of warmth before moving into the house when the heavens suddenly opened and the sky lit up every 5 minutes till there was one final flash and the power went out. This lead to a flurry of texts from our neighbour, who loves a drama, and he informed us that another villager had called him from the other side of the river, where he'd seen our substation 'blow up'. It was back on before midnight but had caused consternation at The LE's house as they'd been watching Top of the Lake when it blew, we couldn't work out whether it will also mess up her recording of it, no doubt she will have found out by now. We had a stack of birch candlestick that I'd made last year littered around the house and this morning I shall be seeing if I can remember where I put them all to light the kitchen, stairs, bathroom, bedroom etc.

I'd driven down to the beach in the Landrover as I've got work to do on the hut today with Keith, who is helping me to secure the hammock fixings, put up a cupboard and a folding table, as well as replacing the shutter. I didn't make this clear to DK so as he passed me walking home he stopped the car and kindly reminded me I'd left it behind, like I could forget something that size...

Planked Salmon recipe - courtesy of Legs:

Soak an untreated cedar plank large enough to hold fish in water for 3-4 hrs.

Rub salmon fillets with olive oil, then mixture of:
½ C brown sugar
½ C reg paprika
tsp or more hot smoked paprika
1 TBL ground cumin
1 tbs or more olive oil
minced garlic clove 
big splash of whiskey

Let marinate for about an hour, tops

Place salmon on soaked plank(s). Place planks directly on hot and ready barbecue grill, and cover (vents open). Cook according to Canadian Cooking Method for Fish:

10 min per inch of thickness at highest possible heat.

Whole slabs of fillets will take longer than individual serving sizes. Count on about 10-15 min for big slabs.

Serve with a salsa of some sort if desired (or you feel like making one)

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