Friday, 26 July 2013

High Tide01:41 (2.50m)
Low Tide07:30 (0.70m)
High Tide13:42 (2.80m)
Low Tide20:10 (0.30m)
Sea temperature: 19.4 (DK had recorded 20 yesterday afternoon)
Sea conditions: good
Weather: had been wonderful at 6am but clouded over a bit as we got to the beach
Joined by: The Usual Suspects, Matthew, Uncle Mike and Miss Lush
Topics of conversation:
Hangovers - pretty much everyone seemed to have been out last night. It had been DK's birthday so we'd been at the pub with him for a mini celebration, joined by The Architect, Sara and The Poet had been having a family get together with oysters and Champagne and The New Yorker had had an impromptu supper with friends - she claimed first prize on the hangover front, having drunk a bottle of wine with out realising. However Sara had had a nasty experience with an oyster, which had been 90% raw sewage and had not been able to get rid of the smell, even when she went to bed. She had woken with it still lingering in her nostrils like a bad dream. 
Miss Lush
I was introduced formally to the lovely Miss Lush, who was very kind in saying that she enjoyed reading these ramblings. I explained that it had come about when Mertz had been standing behind DK, The Pirate and me one morning when we didn't realise he was there. He'd commented that it was the unique combination of personalities who come together daily and share their views and experiences as well as chewing over the conditions in which we swim that made it so particularly English, and that it should be a fly on the wall documentary on some obscure eccentrics channel. Who know's maybe one day it will - when I finally get my editing software taped and my Mac sorted. Having spent 4 hours in the Apple store yesterday I had almost lost the will, but finally we discovered why it was refusing to save or share (they are not called Geniuses for nothing). As a result they are going to have to retrieve all my data and then "create a new Claire Whittenbury and delete the old one". There is something rather liberating about that, I rather fancy a new me, the old one's a bit jaded. I wonder if Claire 2.0 will come without the wrinkles app and with the latest bugs fixed.
Top of The Lake - Matthew had been catching up on the iPlayer and as he arrived late he and I decamped to the hut for a coffee after the swim to discuss it. He's a massive Twin Peaks fan and we'd agreed it had Lynchian elements as well as a look of The Killing about it. His experience of it had been bizarrely heightened as there was a scene where the lead, played by Elizabeth Moss, is looking for a lost girl and standing staring out over the mountains in New Zealand with binoculars, a stunning shot. As she was doing so his computer lost signal and froze the picture but not the sound. The buffering wheel did not appear therefore and he continued to watch as her hair didn't move but the sound of footsteps on gravel then walking into water accompanied the image. It was only when some dialogue interrupted this surreal juxtaposition that he realised what was happening. We agreed that this would not have looked out of place in Twin Peaks. 
Damned fine cup of coffee with Matthew.


  1. Really lovely to meet you, you're right it is a very good hangover cure! Also loving Top of the Lake, although how does she get perfect mobile phone reception in a remote NZ forest surrounded by mountains when I can't on Walberswick beach? See you soon, Miss Lush

  2. You too, looking forward to further musings with you over the summer Miss Lush.