Thursday, 18 July 2013

Low Tide00:10 (0.80m)
High Tide07:00 (2.20m)
Low Tide12:33 (1.00m)
High Tide19:05 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: 18.3
Sea conditions: still nice and calm
Weather: foggy
Joined by: The Usual Suspects minus the Light Entertainment and a late bonus Matthew (he's got the bug even though he has to drive for 30 mins to get here)
Topics of conversation: 
Moonlit swimming - The New Yorker and I had had a wonderful swim late last night, hoping for phosphorescence but getting mill pond calm and a really clear sky, which meant the moon lit up the shore well enough for us not to need a locating lantern. Last year Matthew and I had swum late, as the sky was turning black, and had become quite disorientated because we lost our sense of direction in the dark. As a result he bought me a rather clever little storm candle to leave on the sand whilst we swim, it hangs in the hut now for evening light. As he joined us this morning we were complaining (well all of us bar The Pirate who rather welcomed the break in the weather) about the foggy fret and having travelled from inland he told us it had been really thick fog there, so hopefully it will clear later. I really hope so as my BF and I are having a virtual 2 day holiday yesterday and today. Sadly she can't come due to a change in work commitments but we are trying to do the kind of things we would have done together whilst miles apart, sending each other photos and updates of the day. We've just had boiled eggs and soldiers with a much needed double espresso.

3 swim days - Matthew is Beth's Dad  and she and her BF had spent the evening here swimming and watching the sunset. They have never really been sea swimmers, teenage girls and and cold grey water don't always mix, but last night they went into the water squealing and on tiptoes for about 30 seconds, then looked at each other, looked at me and Beth said "Oh... my....God.... it's AMAZING! Now I know why you do this!" it was hard to get them out of the water. The New Yorker and I didn't want to get out later either, and have plans to swim this evening after the performance of 'Little Ado' to make the most of what Freddy the Fish says is a one week window of opportunity. He had explained to The Pirate that this clear calm water, which we often get at this time of year, will not last long - a shame for us but not for the fishermen, apparently they can't catch anything when it's like this. Sara and I tried to work out why it is that the North Sea is always brown or grey, even when the sky is blue, but couldn't.

Happiness is Just a Thing Called Jo - DK called as The Artist approached and then explained that it was a song, hadn't she heard it? She hadn't and requested a rendition from DK, he refused so we found it on Spotify and played it to her. Here are some links to different versions for The Artist: 
Ella Fitzgerald   
Judy Garland   
Ethel Ennis   
Peggy Lee 
Rosemary Clooney (a bit warbly but with credits for DK) 
(so it's written to a guy, but who cares, as The Artist said it's got all the right words in all the right places)

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