Friday, 23 August 2013

High Tide00:35 (2.60m)
Low Tide06:28 (0.70m)
High Tide12:36 (2.90m)
Low Tide19:04 (0.30m)
Sea Temperature: not taken as far as I am aware, but I wasn't really concentrating 
Sea conditions: very murky with lots of seaweed scum - not pleasant
Weather: fluffy clouds, sun
Joined by: The Usual Suspects
Topics of conversation:
Village gossip - I'd been asked if The Pirate had sold his mother's house as the estate agent's board had gone, but it had actually been nicked. We often discuss how things get spread like wildfire in communities such as ours but it's not just villages it happens in. I told The Pirate about being arrested and locked up in North London once when someone had seen me taking my own estate agent board down from outside my house to use as a sledge on the heath. They'd called 999 and reported me. The police refused to believe that it was my house that was for sale and so they put me in a cell till they could get hold of the estate agent, 4 hours later and after strip searching my friend because she was carrying a screwdriver (a jeweller's screwdriver to be precise) and was therefore going about 'equipped to steal', they let us out. The Pirate thought it must have been scary, but in a situation like that it's actually laughable and it gave me a good excuse for being late to the pub - 'Sorry guys, I was arrested for stealing roadside property for the purpose of sledging'.
The meaning of life - The Poet arrived at the beach with a big grin on his face and announced that Sara had explained the meaning of life to him in the time it took to walk down to the shore from their house, and according to her thesis it is not 42, which is a shame. She gave us a one sentence précis, which I would hate to get wrong in any way so I got her to email me:
"It is a myth about autopoiesis (self making) in Nature and psyche and it tells the story to explain "everything I think I know, why I cannot really know anything I think, and why it is that I imagine I know anything."
This set everyone off and The Pirate has been reading Buddhist scriptures  recently that talk about there being a Buddha within each of us and within each Buddha there exist all other beings, or something along these lines. Just as I was getting to grips with the idea of a Buddha shaped Russian doll DK arrived with his witty repartee, I think I was rather relieved as it was only 7.15 by this stage and my brain was not firing on all cylinders. 
The Seal - The Vicar's Wife had joined the seal in the sea yesterday and when she turned to swim away it had followed her, she thinks it was a youngster, not the big one we saw at the weekend. Even so she did say she felt she should get out of the water incase it became too attached to her.
The Pirate's no 1 Son is going through catalogues looking for new stock for the new season and he's found some gin and tonic flavoured popcorn - eeeuuuuw.. We got chatting about ways to flavour popcorn when you make it and The Poet has a very intriguing recipe which involves cooking it in coca cola. Coca cola and ketchup are 2 of The Pirate's least favourite things and The Artist and I discussed their pan cleaning properties. Ketchup is also rumoured to be brilliant for cleaning dogs that have rolled in fox poo.
Mabel was not very happy again this morning, she is clearly not keen on the whole basket on the bike experience, can you tell?
I am not looking at anyone.

I have some video footage of the whole thing somewhere, I must find it and put it on You Tube.

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