Monday, 19 August 2013

Low Tide03:12 (0.90m)
High Tide09:26 (2.50m)
Low Tide15:50 (0.60m)
High Tide22:18 (2.50m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: good
Weather: sunny with cloud cover on its way, warm
Joined by: The Usual Suspects and a couple of extras
Topics of conversation:
Yesterday evening we had bumped into Jess and The Poet on our evening walk and he and Mertz had had an impromptu swim, whilst the dogs and I had gathered sea lupin seeds. They were joined by the biggest seal I've seen in these waters. He, and it was surely a 'he' because of his size and proportions, came very close to them which hastened the the end of their swim, but as they got out he seemed to be standing on his tail and stretching up out of the water, his huge head tilted back towards the sky. Then he lay on his side and basked for a while, before disappearing. We were all keen to see him this morning but there was no sign, just Sara doing a very passable impression, gliding along in her black shiny neoprene.
On the way down to the beach I had seen a small Border Terrier on the village green without an owner. He looked quite happy, sniffing about and weeing on everyone's front gardens and I'd asked a family who were packing up their car if he belonged to them but he didn't, so I assumed he had been sent out to do exactly what he was doing by someone staying in one of the holiday houses. I'd carried on walking and once I'd reached the dunes I saw another one, this time on a lead with it's owner. As he said 'good morning' I thought it might be worth asking if he had started his walk with 2 dogs, "yes, I did actually" he said totally unperturbed, so I told him there was one having a lovely time on the green and he wandered off in the general direction. I saw his silhouette against the harbour as I came home, this time with 2 leads and 2 dogs. I'm not sure I would have been as relaxed, last night after their walk and their supper Luna and Willow had been round for their weekly visit to The Smiley's garden to scare rabbits and after 2 months of simply succeeding in chasing them into another garden they had actually caught one. The boys were so excited that they had sent the dogs through the gate and gone off to the pub. By the time I got back only Willow was on her bed, panting and puffing, but there was no sign of Luna. I must admit that I did panic because Luna never runs away, being slightly neurotic and clingy. It transpired that she was sitting at the end of the path, by the gate waiting for them to come back from the pub, phew. 
It was a dog themed morning as Alf is due to have a haircut, which is a terrifying thought (for the dog groomer) and The Ellies are off to Pets at Home today to get the first bits and bobs in readiness for Jagger, their new pup, whose arrival is imminent. He's an English Setter, The Ellies have much experience and love of the breed, and he will be joining the throng on the beach in the mornings once he's ready. This will mean we will have a regular canine team of 7:

  1. Jess - Lurcher and The Wise Old Woman of the pack 
  2. Bosco - Labrador and The Original Black Dog, a most gentlemanly old chap, with a liking for left over barbecue charcoal and other beach combings
  3. Luna - Lurcher, neurotic and pampered pooch with the "softest fur in the world" according to a small boy
  4. Alf - assorted terrier, blind, partly deaf and terrifyingly in charge regardless
  5. Willow - Lurcher, or mutt, depending on your viewpoint.
  6. Mabel - Parson's Jack Russell, love and bane of DK's life with selective deafness
Here are the Lurchers

More to follow of the other 3

The Pirate is back from his trip to Wales, where he had been visiting relatives and told us about that he had shamed his wife by telling a rude welsh joke, which he repeated for our benefit. I suspect she was not shamed because it was rude but because it was extremely bad. 

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