Saturday, 31 August 2013

Low Tide01:17 (1.20m)
High Tide07:24 (2.20m)
Low Tide13:51 (1.00m)
High Tide20:29 (2.20m)
Sea temperature: 19.1 - even DK thought it had warmed up today, so we think the thermometer is stuck.
Sea conditions: calm, very high tide, deep
Weather: sunny with clouds on the horizon, cool breeze
Joined by: The Usual Suspects and Mertz
Topics of conversation:
Food mainly - DK's son had cooked them a stunning pork dish last night, which I'd already heard about via Facebook as he'd been proud enough to post about it. Mertz demanded it be cooked for him. 
And I'd been out with Phillips to our favourite midway supper spot, The Wildebeest, and had one of the best puddings I've ever eaten, I'm going to have a go at recreating because it didn't just taste good it looked like fun to make. I just managed to take a picture before it was completely demolished and before Phillips could stop me - here's what's left of the warm orange polenta wildflower honey & rosemary polenta cake with yoghurt sorbet and honeycomb. 
It's been a week of puddings as the mulberries are dripping off the tree outside the house and I've discovered that it's not just lemon drizzle that works well for breakfast, mulberry Bakewell with mulberry gin jam goes down rather well too. Today it's going to be mulberry ice cream making for Mertz's mum, who has had a virus and a sore throat. 
Abs leaves the camp site today, we will miss her smiling face and hope to see her again on the beach for early autumn swims once the boy goes back to school. He paid me a visit this week whilst she was recharging and tried to educate me in the latest Minecraft developments.
DK's son had told him he'd enjoyed our yoga class yesterday, which he'd described as 'hardcore', the partner work we are doing at the moment has really helped me to realign my dodgy elbow, which hasn't been straightening fully for a while due to a kind of RSI - I need to stretch it straight after getting out of the sea apparently, I'm contracting the muscles as we hold hands in the waves. Whilst I can't straighten it myself he could pull it straight as part of the hamstring stretches we did. (A happy side effect, if you are reading this Yogi, it's straight this morning.)
Yesterday's practice

What we are aiming for!

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