Sunday, 8 September 2013

High Tide00:52 (2.50m)
Low Tide06:41 (0.70m)
High Tide13:00 (2.70m)
Low Tide19:14 (0.50m)
Sea temperature: not taken - therefore 19.1
Sea conditions: good
Weather: Stunning clouds, warmish
Joined by: The Usual Suspects, The Torpedo, A LOTV and @Redsnapper
Topics of conversation:
We were late... @Redsnapper was staying with me this weekend, and she has 3 lurchers at the moment, although one, Alice, is a foster dog so she went to stay with people from the rescue group up the road for the night. Comet, the boy, thought he'd go to look for her this morning and snuck out whilst we were having our coffee/tea, so when we went to leave he was nowhere to be found. After much searching he was spotted in a neighbouring disused tennis court, which has a 12 ft fence round it. How he got in is still a mystery. @Redsnapper fosters dogs for Southern Lurcher Rescue, a spectacularly worthy group who look after the increasingly large number of abandoned and mistreated dogs, found in terrible states. The group is made up of volunteers, many of whom take the dogs into their own homes until their 'forever home' can be found, hence Alice. Alice has found her way into everyone's hearts, but as yet hasn't found her forever home. She's beautiful, kind, gentle but vocal, so we've been doing some training this weekend and she responded very well so @Redsnapper has taken one of my spare water pistols home with her (yes, I have a stash).
L - R Willow, Comet, Daisy, Alice, Socks, Luna and Paddy

Comet relaxing after his stressful morning

DK couldn't get his head around out 24 Hour Menu, so I tried to explain that when we get together we like to cook and eat, but not as one big meal, so we just graze all day, which we find more civilised as we both like to cook, eat, drink, walk the dogs and chat at our leisure, this weekend menu was:
3pm    Gazpacho with wild garlic pesto and Bigod Brie
6pm    Mulberry cocktails
7pm    Silver pearl corn (first pickings of the year)
8pm    Roasted Aubergine Napoleons with mozzarella and tomato with pesto
          Black Dog Deli salads (giant couscous, pea, bean and feta, coleslaw)
9am    Porridge with Munchie Honey Seeds
1pm    Gazpacho cocktail, Roast Portobello Mushrooms with parmesan, blue cheese and chilli jelly fresh from the harvest (Black Dog Deli salad leftovers)
          Beetroot and orange cake with mulberry and cream cheese topping with mulberry ripple ice cream
2pm    Tea and more cake
The LE had very kindly brought a wonderful book on clouds down to the beach for @Redsnapper to look at as she has a mild obsession with photographing them (she's promised to send me some of her images, which I hope to share), The Cloudspotter's Guide by Gavin Prector-Pinney. If you are reading this LE, it may have to live here for a week or so - wonderful book, very inspiring.
Having a late start this morning was a contrast to yesterday, when I'd watched the sunrise at 5.30am and spent a couple of hours at the hut before the swim. I'd been joined by a bouncy Poet at 6.30am. He arrived at the hut saying 'Aren't you swimming this morning? Everyone is late!" This was not the case; he had resurrected an old watch, which he'd managed to set an hour early, so we sat and drank coffee and watched the clouds. I had my camera this time so wasn't a very good hostess and kept dashing off to photograph the sky, but the dogs weren't moving from the sleeping bag...

Sky dog running


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