Monday, 16 September 2013

Low Tide01:56 (1.00m)
High Tide08:04 (2.40m)
Low Tide14:33 (0.70m)
High Tide21:14 (2.40m)
Weekend overview
Sea temperature: dropping, yesterday we recorded 16.4, whilst today's reading was 15.8 - it didn't seem that cold though and DK and I had words about it - he was in one of those moods
Sea conditions: very high tide today, so high that we couldn't cross the crabbing bridge, this was very different to yesterday, even though we were swimming at the same time. The wind has been increasing gradually and had swung around from north west to south during the night, after the rains.
Weather: sunny despite early evening and late night rains. Yesterday we had a mackerel sky, which I now know is Cirrocumulus stratiformis, having consulted The LE's book
Joined by: The Usual Suspects (The Bridge Captain has joined on a semi permanent basis now), Mertz and The Arctic Princess on Sunday
Topics of conversation:
The tide - it really had been a remarkable high tide, according to a village elder we often meet on the way down this was due to the strong winds overnight as well as the 2.4m predicted height. It was still coming in as we swam and the northern bridges were un-passable unless you had wellies on (or gum boots as he called them - I love that name and haven't heard it in years)

We'd had The Arctic Princess staying this weekend, and true to adventurous form she'd swum with me, staying in as long as the hardcore of the group even though it was her first swim of the year. She's trying to make the most of the sun as she returns to Northern Lights country this week and the daylight hours are shrinking fast up there. The poor thing had had a terrible journey up here, taking 5 hours in stop start traffic, she might have made it quicker using her usual form of transport. She'd been chatting to The LE and confirmed what a small world it is by discovering that she knew The LE's tour guide from her holiday in Norway, they'd taken part in the same race - Finnmarlslopet. Here she is looking a little tired during the race: Marianne The Artist is thinking of taking a cruise around the Norwegian coast, so there was lots of chat about the best way to do this, and still get to see dry land. I'd love to join her.
The Princess's usual mode of transport
 Channel swimming - there have been a number of endurance swims recently, including a rash of Channel crossings, as it's the best time of year for such endeavours, but The Arctic Princess's friend had her relay attempt put on hold on Friday due to the storms. She's seriously thinking about doing one herself and trying to recruit me to her team so we discussed the risks as we swam against a strong current on Sunday morning, hardly getting anywhere. Apparently you just swim for your allotted time, regardless of how far you get, then you hand over the baton. Doesn't sound so hard...
Gloves - DK, as mentioned above, was in one of those 'take no prisoners' moods today, he and The Pirate had a faux heated discussion about the right time to start swimming in gloves, I couldn't quite work out who was suggesting what, but there was a good deal of swearing (from DK) and harrumphing (from The Pirate).
Jagger's playdates - he's found a firm friend in Mabel, who loves playing with him and he clearly has a social calendar more packed than mine. We've been debating how Willow would get on with as she has a bossy streak, maybe he could squeeze her in for a short slot and we'll see how it goes.

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