Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Low Tide04:21 (1.00m)
High Tide10:36 (2.50m)
Low Tide16:51 (0.70m)
High Tide23:19 (2.40m)
Sea temperature: perfect
Sea conditions: perfect
Weather: perfect
Joined by The Usual Suspects and a Scotsman
Topics of conversation:
Dog chews packaging - Luna had bought some chewies for Jagger, in her role as Dogmother she felt it would be a good way to keep him occupied so that he didn't just follow her around or lie gazing at her, waiting for her to tell him what to do. We all decided that packaging really has gone too far; each chew (and they are the smallest ones for smallest mouths) had a label, which was attached with a cable tie so that the brand could be seen. Like Jagger can read, he's only 9 weeks old!
What now?
My new part time job - questions were asked about what, exactly, I am doing now that I've scaled down the teaching and am helping The Architect in his new office. I explained that one of my primary functions was attempting to stop a fat muddy dachshund from wiping his belly on the carpet every time he walks past with his owner. The Pirate knows his owner, who is around 80 years old and still cycles everywhere with placards attached to the front and back of her bike stating her political allegiance and asking for donations to the RNLI. The muddy offender's name is apparently something like Tiggy, or Tilly, or that could just be the name that was on The Pirate's mind as I'd also explained that one of the reasons I enjoy working there so much is that the The Architect bought me eggs Benedict from Tilly's cafe for breakfast last week. We're having kippers on Friday, I'm excited. 
Wylie Baths - The Ellies' son gets a membership from them each year to this amazing swimming venue, tidal pools that are open 365 days of the year. They had been in touch the Manager, Zac Kratovil, by email and he'd seen this blog (thanks for the comments Zac). It transpires that he used to run Tooting Bec Lido and has even swum just up the coast in Wells, a favourite summer haunt of mine, near Holkham. He clearly gets us, and admitted that cold water swimming kept him sane in this country in the winter, he even ventured in off Tyree in the Inner Hebredes. It's great to know there are kindred spirits on the other side of the world. The images of Wylie Baths are amazing and we discussed the point at which it would become scary, with waves scouring the man made pools. It's going on my bucket list.
Wylie Baths
Today however, I don't think there could have been anywhere better in the world to swim than our little strip of the North Sea. The soft Suffolk September is here in all its glorious mists, dewy mornings, golden evenings and dramatic sunsets, warm sea water and the village is slowly emptying of visitors, I want time to stand still. This was my walk to the beach this morning.

DK and I discussed TM all the way home as I'm fledging and it was so reassuring talking to him as he's been at it for 25 years, as have Wolfie and The Shaman. My teacher, Annie Renwick, is wonderful and supports me at a distance, like any good teacher, but soon I will be feeling I have to make it without her (unless I undertake further courses) so talking to DK gave me confidence that I'll never really will be on my own. 

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