Monday, 2 September 2013

Low Tide03:09 (1.10m)
High Tide09:19 (2.40m)
Low Tide15:34 (0.80m)
High Tide22:19 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: 17. something - 1 or 6 depending on the thermometers
Sea conditions: good
Weather: cool and sunny
Joined by: The Usual Suspect, apart from The Pirate, who is still in France and Mertz.
Topics of conversation:

We mourned the unexpected loss of Sir David Frost, DK knew him well in the '60s and remembered playing a mini ping tournaments in their respective London flats. All the tributes have been so warm, he seems to have been universally loved. I liked Andrew Marr's particularly: "
... he changed the whole style of political interviewing, what could be said, how it was done, the whole approach. And I think today there are two types of political interviewer - those who've learnt from David Frost, and second rate interviewers." Full BBC Obit: Sir David Frost
Autumn - it's official, DK has put the time back to 7.30. Not all of us got the message, so there was a staggered start, but everyone was in agreement that it would be appropriate, given the height of the sun and the temperature drop in the water, so we will all rejig for tomorrow. Mertz and Sara discussed how much longer they will swim for, given that his threshold is 15 degrees the sudden drop made him think about it. He's taking a week off at home next week so it may be his last swimming window. We'd missed Sunday's swim due to a late night and it being his turn to set the alarm, and having had a pretty ghastly day looking after his poorly mother he needed it today.
The late night had been due to a village wedding, to which I wore another pair of Leg's shoes. I explained to Sara that we have now established a communal 'shoes closet', being the same size, although I certainly have been plundering it more often than she has recently. The shoes were high, very high and at the start of the event I'd sent her a picture of my feet with an estimate of 200 paces being the most I'd get out of them. She thought I was being over optimistic. She and the LE had spent the afternoon together introducing Mabel to Jagger (video evidence suggests a match made in heaven and will be shared at some point) and so I'd texted regular updates from the reception and my breaks during the afternoon, when I snuck home or out for a dog walk. I was bored, so were the shoes.
I'd also had the following yesterday from The LE: J
ust DK and LE this morn. Very 'autumnal' but the sea extremely warm and lovely. 
We discussed your texts to Legs with pix of your sparkly toes in the shoes and your estimation of your staying power.
I reminded DK of the fabulous Kirsty McColl song 'In These Shoes' ( and also her great song There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis) and we mourned her loss - killed by an out of control speedboat, while snorkelling ( she headed towards it to push her sons out of the way).
Also talked about other smart lady lyric writers, like Cyndi Lauper.
We were joined at the end by one of the LOTVs.  Didn't recognise her because I think she's become a redhead since last week....!
Jagger still talking about his new BF Mabel. Hope you got the vid Legs took of their game, which I sent on.??
1st September today and DK suggested a 7.30 start from now on - but I'll let him confirm with you.
Happy Sunday!

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