Thursday, 25 August 2011

Catch up

I've been particularly lax on posting this week as we have been inundated with guests and swimmers, notably the Vikings. All 3 generations were in residence and they made quite a splash first thing in the morning with their whooping (younger generation) and Akvavit drinking first thing in the morning (older generation).

What with that and The Pirate taking off on holiday I have not been recording regular temperature, but in the last few days we've had 19, 18.9 and 18.6, not bad and generally good sea conditions.

This morning was the roughest it's been for a while and there were just a few of us. Had Erik the Viking not been there I don't think I'd have gone in. Emma was particularly brave, going in in a bikini... 

The tide is very high at the moment too and we'll be at the highest point tomorrow, but a dear friend with a heart condition arrives today so I hope the waves have died down.

Heard from DK last night, he's due back in a week so as of next Thursday I should have resumed normal service with DK and The Pirate.

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