Tuesday, 2 August 2011

High Tide00:55 (2.50m)
Low Tide06:43 (0.70m)
High Tide12:57 (2.80m)
Low Tide19:25 (0.30m)

Sea temperature: 19.7 degrees - guessed correctly by DK
Sea conditions: Small waves, current pulling south
Weather: very hazy - mist inland
Joined by: 3 LOTVs

Topics of conversation:
DK's departure to the US - this was his last swim here for a month and we will all miss him very much, we discussed calling the blog something else in his absence but decided he'd be here in spirit so it shall remain. There was speculation about the water conditions in Cape Cod and the lake in Connecticut, which will be his holiday swimming.
The Vicar's Wife was with us today and we discussed the delights of beach huts for breakfast as she has her hut just by our usual swimming spot but rarely uses it as it has no view. As she seldom swims in the winter she offered us its shelter should we need it for changing etc. in foul weather, very kind!
Sky dogs/sun dogs - they had appeared as if to honour DK's last swim this summer and we discussed the origin of the name and their properties, Wiki gives lots of info: Sun Dogs but does not refer to the story I've heard, which links the Norse creation myths to sun dogs through the wolves who chased after Sol and Mani. Maybe we made it up at school, although I do like the idea of the rainbow lights chasing around the sun being wolves.
Found glasses - it transpired that they didn't belong to anyone swimming yesterday morning so DK took them to the village shop who have placed them in their box marked 'found glasses' - it's quite full.
MOT's - I had to get off in time today to get me Landrover for an MOT, (it failed) and we had previously discussed how The Pirate's father had lamented the changes in the village by saying that to used to be full of 2CV's and now it's full of BMWs. The Pirate said that having to rush to get your Landrover MOT'd was very much in keeping with the village.
Not discussed but of note was that during the afternoon there was a coastguard helicopter circuiting for 40 minutes, which is always a bit frightening but I read about it this evening:

261Callout 39/2011 15:35hrs Tuesday 2nd August 2011Full Team PageJust as we returned to station following the previous incident, were tasked to Southwold with reports of a person in difficulties in the water.01; 06; 07; 14;Southwold Lifeboat launched and discovered that the possible casualties were indeed oil drums which were recovered onto the lifeboat.Lowestoft & Southwold Coastguard; Southwold RNLI; Southwold Beach Rescue

I went for another swim after work this evening and the beach was quite a different place. We are so lucky to be bale to have it to ourselves in the morning.

Song of the cannot be repeated in polite society nor can some of the Carry On comments.

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