Friday, 5 August 2011

High Tide03:00 (2.40m)
Low Tide08:46 (0.80m)
High Tide15:06 (2.70m)
Low Tide21:34 (0.50m)

Sea temperature: Forgot to take it, but we all agreed that it was very warm
Sea conditions: Small waves and foaming 
Weather: sun and a breeze
Joined by: 1 LOTV, Purdey's family and Purdey

Topics of conversation:
Why the black dog wasn't there today - we swam early and The Pirate didn't want to risk running into his nemesis (the dog's, not his), Luna was most concerned not to see him, they are such friends now. This is odd for her as she doesn't like big black dogs, having been attacked by three as a pup, but he has such a lovely nature that she's overcome her concerns. 
Chat in general and whether we chat less when DK's not here...
Swimming costumes/trunks - I want to get one that isn't black, inspired by my neighbourly LOTVs, who have brightly coloured things to swim in and put me to shame in my 15 year old black 50's type, but The Pirate reassured me that it wasn't necessary as he has 2 identical black pairs - one on, one on the line. This was a relief as I spent about 20 minutes looking in shops today for something a bit more interesting, but everything was very old lady bling stylie, lots of turquoise leopard print and gold bits. Never mind.
Coastguard - whilst it hasn't been entered on the incident site, the village telegraph has reported that there was actually a casualty on the receiving end of the coast-guard's attention. Reportedly a woman had fallen on Spong Bridge and broken her hip. She couldn't be reached by the ambulance crew as it is deep into the marsh and so they had to drop a medic in and circle till she could be lifted out, hence the 15 or so circuits over the village.
Purdey and her family joined just as we were getting into the sea and it was lovely to see Purdey, who is a chocolate lab, swimming straight out to see us. She is a very strong swimmer and clearly loves it in the water. At one point she swam into her owner's arms so that she could have a rest and as he's about 6ft 4in he was able to stand in the water and hold her up.
The taste of the air at 6.45am, is it really different? Is it different at different times of the year? I stupidly said the words, 'now that the days are getting shorter' which met with scowls from The Pirate, who actually likes having the campers here as it's a sign of summer and hates to see them go, leading as it does to colder seas and weather. We also agreed that swimming all year round really makes you appreciate the warm seas so much more, it's wonderful to feel the temperatures start to rise in April.

I found a moon on the beach.

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