Wednesday, 17 August 2011

High Tide01:28 (2.40m)
Low Tide07:03 (0.80m)
High Tide13:22 (2.70m)
Low Tide19:42 (0.60m)

Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: very calm
Weather: fluffy clouds, sun breaking through like a Turner
Joined by: The Buddhist and two horses (with riders)
Topics of conversation:
The lack of Vikings this morning - there was an apologetic text about lack of sleep etc.
The beauty of the sea and its medicinal properties. The Buddhist isn't a regular swimmer and was asking if it really feels warmer if you swim regularly but I'm not sure that he was reassured when I told him it did, and that it makes you feel well, whatever the weather - The Pirate may have to convince him. 
Family photos - The Buddhist and I knew each other when we were kids, living in South America, and coincidentally met again recently as he is one of The Pirates oldest friends. We mused on whether there may be photos of us in each other's collections, when we were children, and this lead to a wider discussion of family photos and members who may no longer be identifiable by the current generation as their connections have been lost in time. Coincidentally I had been late this morning as I'd bumped into Freddy the Fish, who can talk the hind leg off a donkey and we'd got involved in a discussion about photos of the old boys of the village and his photo collection, some of which have been reproduced in a book. He has noticed that his father, who milked cows, always carried the pail and stool in the crook of his arm, rather than at arms length. None of the others he's seen in photos did this and we wondered why this might be. He knows my Mother well so I told him about photos of her on the beach, by the beach huts, with a huge white bow in her hair, I wonder if that will come back to bite me on the arse...
Water walking - one of my morning habits. Both DK and The Pirate have commented on my water based aerobics i.e. running or walking with the water at about waist level, suggesting it looks a bit peculiar, but now that he's tried it The Pirate concurs that it feels as if it's doing some good. It's not always possible and depends on the sea bed and the current but this morning, I later discovered, there was a water walking conversion. Not only did The Pirate have a go but a group of the LOTV's, who now swim further down the beach as one has moved to her holiday home on the harbour, all tried and enjoyed it. Perhaps we could have a sponsored water walk.
A level results - The Buddhist is going home today as they are due tomorrow.

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