Saturday, 6 August 2011

High Tide03:48 (2.30m)

Low Tide
09:32 (0.90m)
High Tide15:57 (2.60m)
Low Tide22:23 (0.70m)

Sea temperature: 19.2
Sea conditions: Waves and quite a drag north
Weather: pouring with rain* 18.2
Joined by: No-one to start with due to the above*

Topics of conversation:
Started by text from The Pirate's Wife at 7am whilst having coffee in bed watching the rain pour down the window - "Are you swimming this morning? The Pirate is still up for it" "Absolutely - especially as it's his last swim till Wednesday" "You are all quite mad"
The Pirate having the wrong legs on. He was sore this morning, possibly from having worked on the allotment all day yesterday, but Doctor Sea soon put him right.
What we'll all be like in our dotage -The Pirate mused upon what he might be like at 82 if he was like this at 52 and when I asked if he meant mentally or physically I was threatened with a dunking. I asked if he sang to himself an a distracted way as Mertz does - it always makes me think his father has been reincarnated as I hear dumdedum dedeum coming from another room. Apparently when The Pirate was at a friend's house he thought he was alone and was clearly doing the same. The friend said it was like having Dougal from the Magic Roundabout in the house.
The church tower - our tattooed friend joined us whilst we were swimming, along with one of the junior LOTVs, and he was supposed to be opening the church tower, but the rain may well have put a stop to that.
Buddhism and the Victorians - their interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism and their likening of the Dali Lama to the Pope - typical Victorians...
The next few days I'll be swimming alone so there will be few topics of conversation.

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